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Welcome to the school show pages.
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Hard Luck
100 Not Out
It’s P-P-Poetry
The Man from Ironbark

Henry Lawson- On the Edge
A Matter of Life
Voices of War
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Artist in Residence

Geoffrey has been performing shows in schools for over 25 years throughout Australia, although his old teachers probably think that he performed for them during class time!

He devises each school show, mixing original material with traditional material i.e. music, verse, comedy and drama throughout. The shows have an Australian feel about them but there is a broad range of topics covered including poetry, Geoffrey Grahamdrama, history, self esteem and famous Australian personalities to name a few. His passion for the content in each show and his performing ability creates an exciting arena which stands out from other school shows.

Australian history holds a fascination for Geoffrey and though young by world standards (Anglo i.e.) it’s an amazing journey which holds lessons for the future. Hopefully students can have a taste of how our ancestors lived so they may appreciate what they have today. Being a seasoned hoarder, he has a collection of old paraphernalia (depending on the performance) to help demonstrate the hardships our ancestors experienced.

Audience participation is encouraged and the instantaneous responses from the students leave everyone laughing and he has noted that the students have a thirst for learning especially when it’s fun.
Geoffrey does not need much space to perform in (minimum of 4m X 3m) and the minimum number of students per performance is negotiable. He organises his own tours so small schools can be accommodated.

His shows are adaptable to most year levels and the material is adjusted accordingly. Geoffrey is a master at finding the common thread that everyone can relate to.

Question time is allowed at the end of each performance and teacher’s notes containing preshow and post show work are available. Workshops and Artist in residence sessions can also be negotiated.

Geoffrey is always plotting new shows and looking at areas of relevance for schools so keep checking this site for any new future shows.


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